I DO like Green---Sam I Am!

When I was going through my Shabby Chic phase, I was majorly into light green.
After finding my way out of that overly floral tunnel, I had a long-standing aversion to green.

Recently however, I've found myself lifting out of it and returning to my green obsession with a new outlook--and hopefully a more "chic" stance this time round.

I'm loving it in fashion.

And wedding style.

And of course in chic door foliage.

I'm realizing that in the right shade it can be SO sophisticated.

And a far cry from the shabby chic or super preppy decor stages.

I'm loving it in these retro bar stools--- and ya'll LOOK at those mint cabinets.

Loving it in my favorite Celerie Kemble Hot-House Flowers print!

Or in a deep moss green velvet--- How great would this look on a tufted sofa or chair?

It looks sophisticated when mixed with blush pink.

And oh-so-darling when mixed with mint or aqua!

All other images via Pinterest.com
Love these window treatments!

What's your take?

Do you have green ENVY or not so much?