Guest Post from Design Shuffle!

Hi all, I’m Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, a social media site for decorators, designers, design lovers and home owners to share ideas and projects. The best part of my job is visiting cool blogs like Mackenzie Pages and seeing what everyone is doing. I'm excited to be writing my guest post about luscious lacquered accents. I love the look and feel of lacquered surfaces in interior design, whether on walls, accessories or furniture. There is definitely something luscious about lacquer. Here are some of my favorite lacquered accents.

Lacquered Wall Finish

Gorgeous dark walls with a lacquered mirror smooth finish are so glamorous. The surface reflects the light and the gold accents in this jewel box foyer. A single wall painted in a lacquered finish would make a beautiful accent wall.

Teal Lacquered Walls

The deep teal blue of these walls is gorgeous on its own but the lacquered finish makes it into something sublime. Love how the lacquered surface reflects light.

Lacquered Trays'

Lacquered trays are a lovely lacquered accent to a coffee table, desk or vanity. Love these stylish trays for corralling clutter.

Lacquered Wall Art

Looking for living room design ideas for using small lacquered pieces? A collection of lacquered trays and plates makes a colorful collage on the wall. Subtle elements and high shine can create more visual interest.

Teal Lacquer Design

This beautiful deep teal color turns this powder room into a gem. The reflective gloss of the lacquer makes the room feel bigger and grander.

Pink Lacquer Table

Love the lacquered surface of the bubble gum pink dining table. Bright colors look amazing in shiny lacquer.

Green Kitchen Lacquer

Lacquered cabinets in kitchen designs create such a gorgeous shiny surface. The green is an interesting color that looks great with navy & white stripes.

Antique Lacquer Design

Antique lacquer pieces, like this chest and screen, have a very different feeling to them. Traditional lacquer is not paint but layers of resin that is tinted with decorative painted patterns on the surface.

Lacquer is a great way to add a glamorous accent to your interiors! Check out Design Shuffle for more great interior design ideas and to connect with San Francisco interior designers, Boston interior designers and more!

I had so much fun visiting Mackenzie Pages today!  ~Susi

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