Colored Molding.... Are you on that gravy train?

I'll be honest. Before I saw the dazzling interior stylings of Miss Bailey from Peppermint Bliss 
in her gorgeous Chicago home, I had never given any thought to moldings being a color other than white.

But I loved these gloss black moldings against the stark contrast of a white wall.

Editor's Note: I was very sad to read yesterday that Ms. Bailey is considering discontinuing her blog due to some mean comments. All those people that have WAY too much time on their hands need to find something else to do other than torture sweet and talented bloggers! I am hopeful that she will decide to keep on keepin' on, because I can't think of any other blog I would rather visit daily!

I love these coral/pink moldings in her former TV room even more!

The other day, I was perusing Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine
and there they were again! Beautifully colored moldings--- This time around library shelves.

I love this bright orange color! 

I love that colored moldings add contrast and interest to the room.
The best part? 

It's a majorly budget friendly way to make a splash!

And while it's not technically "molding" I am LOVING the mint color of this doorway!

What do you think of brightly colored molding?
Are you on that wagon?