My current Cup of Tea

One of my close friends, who is also an avid reader of my blog recently said to me,

" Ok, I GET it. You love anything 1960's and want to get married in Palm Springs.
Please talk about something else"

A valid point.

So I decided to touch on a few other things I'm loving right now.
In no particular order.

The combination of peachy pink and gold.
It's just glamorous and it makes me feel warm and happy.

In fact, really the combination of pink and any other color.

I adore this living room....

Wedding decor that feels demure and French.
This look is MADE for a Napa wedding.

Tufted sofas in a powder blue.
There's something so regal yet so demure about them.

Playful brass accessories.
This one is for my friend Jackie.
A dream vacay to Mendoza, Argentina for relaxation and wine tasting.
It's supposed to be a less on steroids Napa.
Let's see how much my man-friend reads this bloggity.

images via pinterest, flickr, and shopten25
The Missoni look, transferred into home decor,
like this rug from Shopten25.

What styles are you into right now?