Graphic Flooring.... Gotta Love it!

So, I'm obviously really tardy to the party on this one,
but I was catching up on episodes of Million Dollar Decorator's
on Bravo the other day and was astonished by something.

The scene where Mary McDonald (my fave btw) goes to her client's
house and see's the painted floor in the study....
And the client is all " I hate this!"

Well, in my opinion she couldn't have been more wrong.

Because I am super into patterned floors right now.

Whether it's wall to wall carpet, tile, or painted.

A few other graphic floors a la Ms. McDonald.

I heart this bathroom times a thousand.

And other flooring situations that I'm loving....

I've long been a fan of this grey and white combo by Windsor Smith

 Which it appears she recreated for the House of Windsor showhouse recently.

 I'm also loving rooms that have solid painted floors.... preferably in a saturated glossy color!

And just in case you were interested, I love this graphic wall at a Kelly Wearstler decorated hotel in L.A.

What do you think of graphic floors in lieu of a rug?