Coffee Table Time..... The Revel and the Reality

I'm currently on the hunt for a new coffee table.

Remember when I showed you the most current photos of my living room a couple months ago?

Well, my former black and gold Hollywood Regency style coffee table was chewed up 
by a couple naughty little monsters.

The Culprits.
One Mr. Trump and one Ms. Trammell.

It was looking pretty bad. 
This Ikea "Lack" coffee table is currently holding it's place 
while I figure out exactly what I want.

As with all shopping/decorating dilemas, 
I typically like to drool over the items that are out of my price range first.

Like this lucite and rope coffee table from Pieces.

I love this Rattan table, also from Pieces,
but I'm quite certain that my dogs would see it as one giant chew station.

These are great too.

Pieces, I love you, but you're unfortunately not in my price range right now.
The second you are, I will be purchasing everything in sight at your store.

Of course when you're browsing through things you can't afford, 
you find---- OTHER things you can't afford.

Like this FABULOUS burlwood and lucite console.

Or this burlwood and lucite desk,
that NEEDS to be mine.

Other Coffee Tables I just adore...
Love this brass and wood table from

And this gold and mirrored glass piece, The Sabine Table, from 

And the Harrison Coffee table from
This table is SO fabulous. Love the lucite mixed with the glass and architectural bronze.

As for what I can afford today, I'm loving this piece from Circa Who 
in Palm Beach.

I'm really liking multi-level coffee tables.

I also like this all-lucite version.

I found this burlwood beauty on Etsy.

I'm pretty into burlwood, mainly because I feel like it can be styled so many different ways.
It's obviously very 1960's, but it can go Hollywood Regency, Mid Century Modern,
Dark and Sophisticated or Light and Colorful.

What is your pick?