Wedding Wednesday.... Destinations!

Last night I was watching one of my favorite movies, You, Me, and Dupree.
It's one of my fail safe movies for falling asleep to, so I usually just watch the first 30 minutes.
I just love Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon's destination wedding in Hawaii.

They just seem so relaxed!

I love this first scene where the couple is drinking cocktails and playing a board game together.

Anyway, it got me thinking about destination weddings.
And how they are always so dreamy.

I have long been obsessed with this fancy schmancy beach-time wedding....

I love how it's formal and casual all at the same time.

Fancy, but not stuffy.

And how they're white and tan palette is so calming against the soft aqua ocean.

And I just couldn't help putting a pretty Destination Wedding inspiration board......
images via Style Me Pretty