Wedding Friday..... Neutrals or Colors?

A few months ago, I posed the question, Are you a Neutralista or a Colorista?
Then, I was talking about interiors.

Now, I want to know your wedding style.

My plan is to have one of my wedding photos taken in the spot above,
at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

While I usually think that I'll want a completely neutral palette when I get married, 
this wall and orange doors suggest something different.

I am constantly pouring over wedding photos on blogs and in magazines and I find myself completely taken with the colorful weddings, but also with the muted neutral affairs.

So I ask you, 
Bride's to Be
Former Brides
Someday Brides?

Are you a Neutralista or a Colorista?

Some of my FAVE colorful weddings.....

And some favorite Neutral weddings....

Pick your poison!

Happy 4th!