Tuesday Treats!

I couldn't decide what to post about today,
so I thought I'd just throw out a few things that I'm really loving right now!

1. Over the top Hollywood Regency Style Buffets

2. Tufted Sofas. SO Glam, and they work with any style.

Especially if they're yellow tufted sofas.

3. Hotel Style Bedding
'Specially if it's orange.

 4. Well Decorated Shelves/Built-Ins.

DYING over this one.

5. This Kazak Fabric from Quadrille.
I feel like ya'll are probably sick of hearing about it!

6. Silk Tafetta Drapes.
Especially if they're long and done in a saturated color.

7. Sleek & Modern Kitchens with tons of style.

8. Mid-Century Modern Homes.
Can't explain my obsession.
I troll the MLS listings for them CONSTANTLY.

all images via pinterest.com

๏ปฟHappy Tuesday!