Texas Chic Decor hits the restaurant scene in Funky-Town!

In February, I took you on a brief virtual tour of Tillman's Roadhouse Restaurant in Fort Worth.
The decor is "Texas Chic" and it's just too cool.

I had friends visiting over the weekend and after a trip to a wine bar, I made them
peek their heads into Tillman's so they could take a gander at the decor.
The manager saw us looking around and asked if we'd like a tour.

And then he took us to their private dining room....

Which is A-mazing.

Those tree stumps are real.
Not wallpaper.

And I was dying over the navy leather tufted banquets.

And look at those peacocks just hangin' on the branches overhead!

If you're ever in Funky-Town and want somewhere cool and yummy to eat,
 Tillman's is your place!