Sweet Pink Dreams.....

I'm simply dying to re-do my bedroom (actually my entire home, but whatever).
What's totally throwing me for a loop is that I cannot get these two images out of my noggin.

I'm LOVING peachy pinks and corals for the boudoir right now.

What's weird is that I'm one of those people who adores color in the rest of the house but wants to keep the bedroom calming and neutral.

I just feel like it's easier to relax that way.

But ya'll, I think my gut is telling me that I'm ready for something different now.

I obviously need to incorporate both peachy pink and coraly orange.
With Hotel-Style Bedding and Saturated Silk Taffeta Curatins.

And perhaps an artsy photog of my fave ever wall at the Parker in Palm Springs
(to be later replaced by my own wedding photo, obvi)

A few other boudoirs that are striking my fancy at the moment....

Dying over this bedroom I saw on Pinterest a few weeks ago.
Is that a cowhide and lucite chair?

Yes, yes it is.

images on pinterest.com

The real question is how I'm going to convince my color-blind man friend that
I did not in fact make him live & sleep in pink and orange.

Perhaps I'll just say it's red?
I'll need everyone's help convincing him.