Wedding Wednesday.... Two Thoughts...

For Today's Wedding Wednesday, I have two, not entirely cohesive thoughts to put out there.

Number One: Last week I was perusing one of my most favorite blogs, Design Darling.
If you haven't been, go CHECK IT OUT immediately.
 Not only does the blogger have a super cool name, Mackenzie, but she has just about the best taste EVER. I like to think we could be real life besties, plus I've never met anyone fun that had the same name as me!

 Anyway, I stumbled upon these gorgeous photos of Rue Magazine's cover shoot for their May/June issue and almost had a massive coronary.

Because THIS HAS TO BE my future wedding.

If you don't know yet that I want to get married in Palm Springs, you've been asleep at the wheel while reading this blog.

How FREAKIN' perfect is this event design for a delightfully casual Palm Springs affair?
Are you reading this, MOM?

And HOW CUTE are the Invites?!

And this buffet for the wedding cake and other miscellaneous sweets?


Number Two: Do I even need a number two after that eye candy?
Number two is that I'm really upset I'm not getting married RIGHT NOW for one reason,
and one reason only.

LOFT is selling Lela Rose Designs.
Is that a sodding joke?

images via LOFT, Design Darling, Rue Magazine, Pinterest

And they are just the perfect little dresses for all those little wedding events.
With a pretty great price tag!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!