Ok, Readers.

I have to say that I'm a tad disappointed in your disinterest in freeloading off of yours truly.

I mean, I know people (well paid, normal humans) that will stand in line for a free pack of Bubblicious Gum.

And I'm trying to hand your happy ass a gorgeous free pillow!

I jest, but it got me thinking that perhaps you don't see the versatility of this pillow. So I thought I'd show you what this beautiful lumbar pillow can do for you.

First, take a gander at the first picture on this post. Almost the same pillow without the navy piping, right at home in an understated French chair.

I also have a French chair upholstered in a trellis print. While unexpected, this pillow adds a fun element to my chair!

Next, on my bed with my French linen grey and white bedding. It adds a pop of color.

Or maybe you like it opposite a different color Hot House Lumbar on a neutral sofa?

Or atop a white armchair?

Bottom Line, this pillow goes with anything. Whether your style is Hollywood Regency, Understated French, Mid-Century Modern, or Super Traditional.

So start entering you silly Sally's!

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