Design Obsession times 1 million..... Lee Kleinhelter & her "Pieces"

I have often referred to Lee Kleinhelter, and her beautiful store, Pieces on this blog.

The store focuses mostly on vintage pieces of furniture that have been refurbished, but I'm starting to see some custom pieces designed by Mrs. Kleinhelter.

To me, it has a very 1960's vibe, which of course, I adore.

Pieces is one of the first places I look to for inspiration, whether it's for a room I want to redecorate or a piece of furniture that I plan to repurpose.

I've often heard people remark about designers that " You either GET IT, or you don't".
And let me tell you folks, Kleinhelter GETS IT.

I admire her unabashed use of color in her interiors and her perfect mix of sleek mid-century modern pieces with rustic elements.

As for her store, I'm just IN LOVE.
I can't wait for my next trip to Atlanta so I can actually see it in person.

A little sampling of Mrs. Kleinhelter's work.....

Her own home.
Love how she mixes the rustic wood armoire with mid-century chairs and a white lacquer table.

LOVE this twin bedroom.
I used it as inspiration for the bunk room at my mother's Beach House.

I want to live in this dining room.
LOVE the yellow accent color and the marriage of mod dining chairs with an Industrial dining table.

A view into Pieces, her lovely shop.

Since I'm regularly relying on Pieces for Inspiration, 
I put together an inspiration board for a formal living room using things from the store....

I have to say that I appreciate that Lee is a fellow pink & orange lover.
She even has separate tabs on her website to showcase pink & orange products!

Be sure to stop by Pieces, Online or In-Person and see what inspires you!