Wedding Wednesday.... Part Duex

I often find that one of the hardest parts of blogging is trying to share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas without giving away the farm.

Specifically, sometimes I want to keep my great ideas for myself.

In the interest of trying to be in a more zen (read: less selfish) place, I've decided to share some of my most coveted wedding ideas with you. I actually have two wedding inspiration files on my computer.
One has general wedding ideas that I share with engaged or interested friends and the other is my personal file. 
(Yes, if you're wondering, I'm a HUGE loser.)

But let's be honest, even if you're not close to engagement, you still think about the wedding.
Just because you can't afford the $800 Louboutins, doesn't mean you can't try them on or browse them on right?

On that note, Here are some of my most favorite wedding inspiration photos....

This one may seem strange to you, but do you see their custom logo with the elephants facing each other?
I'd like to do that with silhouettes of our corgis.

I love this nod to Audrey Hepburn.

One of my ALL-TIME favorite Palm Springs weddings, held at the Viceroy Hotel.

Whether I end up getting married at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs someday or not, 
I HAVE to have my picture taken in front of their famous cinderblock wall.

Now for some elements I plan to add to my own wedding one day.

An Asscher Cut Engagement Ring.
No, It probably will not be THAT big. 
But I just think it's such a beautiful, timeless, and unique shape.

I go back and forth all the time on color scheme, but right now I'm really into black and white with blush pink. 
So chic and glamourous at the same time.

I can't decide if I love or hate this bride for making me aware that wedding dresses existed in a blush color.
Because I LOVE it.

A similar Monique Lhuillier

Also a fan of sleek gowns like this Monique

Say what you will about expensive shoes, but there's something about wedding Louboutins.
Especially in this color.

A super fun bridal bouquet.

Someone help me with this math equation....
LOVE THIS BHLDN dress for a fancy rehersal dinner+ It's $4,000= Mom will laugh in my freakin' face.

Not trying to sound weird, but I'm obsessed with this bride's look.
Love her natural make up and loose curls.

I think it would look perf paired with this gorgeous Twigs & Honey birdcage

I don't think I even need to say this, but I OBVIOUSLY want to get married in Palm Springs.

At the Parker..... or the Viceroy.

Jonathan Adler or Kelly Wearstler.....
That's like choosing between sushi & chocolate.

And I'd like to have really organic looking centerpieces like this with succulents.

And a vintage pink typewriter on which guests can write us love notes.....

And a really fun signature cocktail....

In the interest of not totally giving away the farm, I'm going to save some for next week.