Wedding Wednesday.... TableScapes

The thing I most look forward to seeing (judging, let's be honest) at weddings are the Tablescapes.
And most of the time, I find myself pretty dissapointed.

Here is what I think people don't really understand.
It's not ALL about the flowers.
It's really about the combination of your table linens, flowers, candles, and accessories that make or break your tablescape.

I prefer an elegant table with neutral colors in the linens, with the color left to the flowers.
So much cleaner.

Some examples of my favorite tablescapes.....

The first few pictures are from a wedding done by JL Designs.
And I had to show it all, because well, It's Fabulous.

And another quick note, I love how much mercury glass is on these tables.
Although, to be fair, if it were architecturally feasible, I would build my entire house out of mercury glass just so I could be surrounded by it at all times. So....

Another note: Gorgeous neutral table linens paired with mahogany chiavary chairs.

Oh, Mercury Glass, How I Love Thee.

Another wedding by JL Designs. Loving the patterned runner, Filigree Urn, and Colorful florals!

And a few other tablescapes I like....

Yes, I included this picture twice in one post. 
It's so breathtaking that I thought it in your best interests to see it twice.
I love it all. White hydrangeas in an architectural base, tiny boxwood trees, mercury glass, burlap...

Thanks to Style Me Pretty for these beauties!

Steps to the Elegant Wedding TableScape

Use a neutral silk dupioni or linen table cloth

Add a pretty patterned runner in the same neutral color scheme

Add a fun accessory, like a Filigree Urn from ZGallerie

West Elm

Put Pretty Flowers in a Mercury Glass Vase

Or a Modern White Ceramic Vase

Add Mercury Glass votives for sparkling candlelight

Add a traditional Chiavary Chair or a Trendy Ghost Chair

And you have a gorgeous tablescape!

All images courtesy of Style Me Pretty, JL Designs, ZGallerie, West Elm