Wedding Wednesday.... The Lounge Area

In my opinion, Weddings are a great excuse to throw one heck of a party.
I think the best parties are a mix of fun music, great food & drink, and most of all some VERY chic and well thought out DECOR.

One element of Wedding Decor that I feel is often overlooked is the 

I love it when I go to a wedding that has a distinct lounge area. Somewhere where you can kick your heels off after the YMCA or Macarena (kidding.) and imbibe a few signature cocktails.

They also say alot about the mood of the wedding. And a lot about the bride and groom's signature style.
Because let's face it, Any old jackwagon can slap a silk tablecloth and pretty flower arrangement on a table.
Lounge Decor takes taste & style.

A few lounge areas I particularly like.....

Now, if I were decorating a lounge area, I would put it outside on the venue's patio.

For two reasons.

I like fresh air mixed with cocktails.

And I'm rather obsessed with tents like these....

It's like you're being transferred to a "Land Far Far Away"

I would make the base of the lounge white, and add color with accessories.
For this lounge I'll use Orange and Turquoise Accents.

Inside the tent I would create a few seating areas

With a white tufted sofa from Found

And orange ghost chairs
With two white lack tables from Ikea serving as a "coffee table"

I would find several ornate vintage frames in different sizes and style and spray paint them.
Some Turquoise, Some Orange.
And put mirrors inside them.
And I would hang them inside the tent.

For Accessories, I would alternate these vases and Urns from World Market on the coffee tables

And add a little color with these Moroccan Inspired Accessories from Luna Bazaar

To the couch, I would add eclectic patterned pillows in Oranges and Blues.

These go for $170 for 9 pillows on

From the ceiling, I would hang several of these Moroccan Lanterns

I would spray several of Ikea's Rattan Poufs gold and scatter them around the floor for extra seating.

And my wedding guests could wine and dine like Carrie and the Girls in SATC 2

images via Style Me Pretty, Sarah Gilbane Interiors, Ikea, Kartel, Found