Mad Men Inspires.... Once Again.

I've been finishing up the third season of Mad Men on DVD. As always, I'm pretty thrilled with the decor.

I am IN LOVE with this green/white stripe tent at the Sterling's garden party.
I spend most of the time watching Mad Men thinking about my imaginary love affair with Don Draper.
And now I'm thinking about my love affair with this tent.

I'm also pretty into the re-do of Betty Draper's living room.

As you'll recall, 
this is what it used to look like...

And after the re-do...

images via

Alright, Let's talk about this. 
1. AMAZING Orange sofa. LOVE the lines of it.
2. Gorgeous orange edged cornices and curtains. STOP IT. Too good.
3. Gold Coffee Table
4. FAN-freakin-TASTIC cane print chairs.

Those cane print chairs made me think immediately of this Chartreuse Schumacher Fabric

And then my decorating wheels started turning.

Very much like this book.....

 So Here's what I'm thinking for a Draper-esque living room

This Schumacher Wallpaper.

This gorgeous bamboo mirror from Pieces....

Over this console, also from Pieces

This sofa from Room Service

Covered in the St. Tropez fabric from Schumacher

Paired with these chairs from Pieces

Covered in the cane print fabric

With this chevron print rug from West Elm
 And two of these Room Service side tables flanking the sofa

With these Pieces lamps

And this gold/glass coffee table from Pieces
 Love these greek key lowballs from Pieces to serve drinks in your living room!

And I'd top the couch with tons of green/gold Madeline Weinrib pillows

Tada! A pretty green room worthy of a Mad Men set!