Design Obsession......Hillary Thomas Designs

I finally got around to reading the newest issue of High Gloss last night. I wanted to give it my full attention.(And P.S. Paloma, sorry for the delayed read, but IT. WAS. FAB!)  Anyway, on one of their designer spotlights, I noticed Hillary Thomas of Hillary Thomas Designs under "Vintage Chic". And pretty much everything on the page was CALLING MY NAME.

So I moseyed on over to the Hillary Thomas Designs website to look at her portfolio.

And was I ever glad that I did.

Ms. Hillary Herself

 This is the first picture I looked at and I thought 
"Hillary, you had me at cane print roman shades."

 I love that her aesthetic is so colorful and eclectic.
And I'm REALLY loving the Asian influences.

I've seen this photog a million times and actually featured it on here before.
I think I originally saw it on House of Turquoise (Hi Erin! Congrats on the WEDDING!) but never put two and two 

Loving the pagoda lamps, Hillary.

 Gorgeous dining room. Stunning. 

 As if it's not enough to have a great design portfolio,
Hillary Thomas also has a home decor shop.

Visit Chic Shop

I Heart this Gold Finial.
And finials are usually SOOOO boring.

 And this cane covered lamp shade.
Stop it. IN LOVE.

Would these not be the CUTEST in a powder room with chinoiserie wallpaper?

all images courtesy of Hillary Thomas Designs

I see two things in this pink planter's future.
A place at my house and an orchid.

Do you not LOVE Hillary's designs?