Couture for Your Closet.....

I adore my lovely readers so much.
In light of that, I would like to make you aware of two up and coming designers.

A little Couture for your Spring Closet, if you will.

First, Because they are both FABULOUS in their very own ways.
Second, Because they both hail from our great state of TEXAS.
And Third, Because it's officially spring-time and I'm sure you lovelies are looking for new and exciting wardrobe pieces.


Elizabeth Olliver  & Sheridan French

Elizabeth Olliver

Like all girls, I'm constantly searching for that PERFECT Little Black Dress.
The one that will take you everywhere.

To work, to drinks, shopping on a Saturday morning, Entertaining Guests on a Saturday Night, Brunching with Friends on Sunday.

If you're the same way, then Elizabeth Olliver is your girl.
Her Spring 2011 line offers 6 versatile dresses that are perfect for any occassion.

Miss Elizabeth honed her design skills at Donna Karan in NYC, met and married the "boy next door" (LITERALLY) while in NY, and then moved to Washington D.C.
She kind of lives a fairytale life.
And I love her for it.

 You may have seen her ad (above) in the new edition of High Gloss Magazine.

Or on High Gloss Magazine's Founder and Editor in Chief, Paloma Contreras at the High Gloss Launch Party in NYC

image via La Dolce Vita
Paloma sporting the "Mackenzie" Dress

The "Mackenzie" is named for yours truely.

Fun Fact: The Designer is my college roommate and I was a bridesmaid in her October Wedding!

 The "Linda"

 The "Lauren"

Purchase your very own Elizabeth Olliver here.

Elizabeth is also having a Trunk Show at A Bientot in Houston this
 Thursday and Friday from 10-6.
If you're in Houston, stop on by to meet the designer!

I would wear Elizabeth Olliver......

When Entertaining Guests in this Living Room

Or Throwing a Dinner Party

Or Working Hard at the Office

image via
 Or Sipping Cocktails at This Bar

Sheridan French

 My friend Natalie introduced me to Sheridan French's amazing designs.
She is a Fort Worth Native, Style Editor for Fort Worth, TX Magazine, A mommy to two cute little ones, a FABULOUS fashion designer, and has a fun, hilarious blog to boot.

She's also like, the CUTEST thing EVER.


I mean, how darling are her clothes?

I want to pair this baby with white jeans and gold wedges.

Purchase your very own Sheridan French here.

I would wear Sheridan French.....

 To Host a Fabulous Brunch.

Or to Work in this Fabulous Office

image via ElleDecor

Or to Have a "Girls Night" in my living room

Or to Sip Cocktails by the Pool at The Viceroy Palm Springs

Now Readers, Aren't you glad when I share my wealth of knowledge with you?