Mid-Century Modern Monday!

My man-friend and I are majorly into mid-century modern houses right now. 

Probably has part to do with our 1960's/ Mad Men obsession and partly our undying need to visit Palm Springs.

We pretty much spend every Sunday stalking MCM home inhabitants.

It's a little creepy. But A LOT of fun.

I'm always desperate to see the inside of some of these beauties.

I want to see the decor, how they re-did the kitchen/bathrooms, and if they stayed true to the MCM style.

I came across this beauty during some internet surfing and I'm dying over it.
I'm loving how minimalist it is, probably because I could never achieve a minimalist look in my own home.

I also like that it's more monochromatic than most mid-century homes you see.

It's calming and welcoming, but sleek and modern at the same time.

It was designed by the Portland, OR based design firm, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

 Love this bathroom. 
And want to see MORE of it!

images via homedit

What's your take on the Mid-Century Modern Style?

Love it or Leave it?