Elizabeth Taylor.... You will be missed.

Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered forever as an icon.

For her beauty, style, and grace.

I wanted to play tribute to a woman who has a little piece of my heart.

I'm always interested when I see a tribute to Miss Taylor and here are some of my faves. 

I always love watching the scene in SATC after Charlotte has a mis-carriage and is inspired to forge on by Ms. Taylor's legacy.

And since I'm such a Cavalier fan, I just adore the puppy version of Elizabeth Taylor in the show/movie.

As you'll recall, I posted about Ms. Taylor's former Palm Springs home and all it's gorgeousness here.

images via Dicha Jewelry, Chadwicks Spaniels, My classic Lyrics, Enchanted Vintage Clothing, poietes.wordpress.com, and luxuryrealestate.com

There is a great article in the LA Times Today about Elizabeth, Read it Here.