Design Obsession......Meg Braff

I am notoriously the technically-un-saavy one in my family.

Something I was reminded of today when I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get the images out of the new Coastal Living.

Because I am in LOVE with the West Palm Beach home of designer, Meg Braff.

Again, I was so desperate to share the images, that I snapped them with my iPhone.

 the designer herself, Meg Braff

 Look at her closet. TO DIE FOR.

Of course the magazine article made me curious about other homes in her portfolio.

And they're just as gorgeous.

What I really like about Meg's work is that her range is so wide. She can do the classic 1960's Palm Beach look or she can execute a more paired down demure aesthetic. My favorite designers are the one's that have a whole bunch of looks up their sleeve!