Behold, the Power of the Monogram.


The other day, a friend told me that they weren't really into monogrammed things.

I fought the urge to tell them they were WRONG.

Maybe it's because it's a Southern thing, maybe it's because it makes your pillows or towels feel more special, but I LOVE anything monogrammed.

Now, I will say that some people take it a tad overboard.

Used in the right way, it can have a great effect!

It's especially great when trying to make something cheap look expensive.

I've shown this image before, and I'll show it again, but I just LOVE this purple and white monogrammed pillow in Tori Mellot's NYC apartment!



Decor Pad via Rue

This image, from Domino originally shows a monogrammed wingback chair in a dining room setting. 
LOVE that!

My favorite source for monogrammed pieces is Leontine Linens.
Look at your own risk.

All their linens are FABULOUS and you will undoubtedly do damage with your credit card.

I think these orange and white pillows are my fave.

They'd go great with the turquoise headboards I showed Friday, huh?

Happy Monday Everyone!!