Flirting with the X-Bench....

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So, If I had to pick a trend that I'm really into right now, I think it would be x-benches
They originated in the 1960's and of course that makes me love them even more.
I'm dying for two to put somewhere in my house.
The edge of my bed, my living room maybe?

A few inspiring uses of my favorite little benches

Nicole from So Haute has them in her NYC living room!
Very chic in grey!

 This room was in Coastal Living this summer and I died over it
So Palm Beach.

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I've seen the little beauties all over for an arm & a leg, but the most inexpensive versions I've spotted so far are on

Pretty cute, with nailheads to boot. And they come in a few different colors.
I'm a fan of the dark grey or red myself.
At $120 apiece, they're a steal!

Get yo-self one!

Happy Hump Day!