Things That Make Me Happy.....

 I've been in sort of a funk today. It's probably just the cold weather wearing on me. To cheer myself up, I'm making a list of 10 Things that make me Happy... Here they are in no particular order.

New York City
 NYC makes me feel alive. And no matter how much I go, I never get sick of it.

Great Design
 Domino Magazine via

images via Suzanne Kasler

No matter what kind of day I'm having, if I enter design, it always gets better.
Whether it's flipping through a design mag, reading my favorite design blog, or browsing a home boutique, it ALWAYS makes me happy.

What can I say? I love beautiful things.


 If I feel short, fat, stumpy or frumpy.... A 4 inch heel will always fix it.
They make me feel powerful

Talking to My Mom
 I know everyone says this, but talking to my mom is one of the best parts of my day. She's smart, sweet, funny, endearing, and she always knows exactly the right thing to say.
Love her.

 I would love to say that I'm a wine coneisseur, but sometimes I have to admit that the $10 stuff tastes exactly like the $65 stuff. I love it though. It makes me feel sophisticated, silly, and warm.

Beautiful Glassware

 In keeping with my love of wine, glassware is next on my list. It makes any glass of wine taste better. It's my personal pet peeve when someone offers you wine in a Solo Cup at their house.

Sunday Brunch Followed by Errands
 Brian and I do pretty much the same thing every Sunday. Brunch, followed by errands. Usually nothing serious, just the proverbial browsing at Williams-Sonoma or a Home Boutique. It never ceases to make me feel relaxed and wonderful.

The Beach
 Some people love skiing.
And every time I'm on a ski-lift, all I can think is, 
" I wish I was on a sandy, beautiful beach right now!"
I love it all. 
The sun, the sand, the cool drink in one hand and the magazine in the other.

A Really Soft, Really Cushy, Really Comfy Bed
 Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic

You know, the kind you never want to leave on a cold winter morning. The kind that smells good, feels soft against your skin, and keeps you extra warm and cozy....


I love cooking. My family friends, Marita and Judith taught me how at age 13. And I've loved it ever since. I'm not a great baker, since you can't take much creative license with it. But I love cooking, creating new dishes, and sharing it with the people I love.