In a New York State of Mind....

image via Domino Magazine

Tomorrow marks the start of the week-long countdown for our trip to NYC.
I am SO excited. I've been visiting a few times a year since I was a little girl and I will never get tired of it. One of the things I love about New York is the effortless style so many New Yorkers possess. 

I thought I'd share photos of some of my favorite New York apartments.


Jenna Lyon's Brooklyn Townhouse

Tori Mellot's Apartment 
Via Domino 

 I just saw this on New York Magazine's online archives
Miss Tori must have gotten a new couch. 
LOVE the tufted grey.
Rita Konig's Apartment
via Domino

Molly Sims' Soho Apartment
via InStyle Magazine

Which is your fave?