Decisions, Decisions..... Seating.

One of the worst things about loving design, is that you're constantly inundated with new ideas.

You look around your living room and you think "Wow, my house is pretty stylin'..."

And then you turn on your computer. And you look at design blog after design blog. And all of the sudden, your house looks like (as my friend Jackie would say) OLD NEWS.

I've been pretty good about keeping my design A.D.D. to a minimum, and trying to add accessories, if I feel my house is lacking for some reason.

One big thing I've been itching to change, is our couch.

I want something neutral, that I can change up with pillows and other accessories.

Some inspiration for living rooms that have neutral couches.

A few sofas that I fancy....

Love the Tufting on this one. The $800 price tag doesn't hurt either.

A fancy choice from Horchow...

Love this contrast piping.

Pretty grey linen adds interest to clean lines.
I like the piping on the skirt and the low arms.
I don't know if I'm chic enough to pull this couch off, but I could certainly try!
Reminds me of a nice Chesterfield.
Sofas via Lee Industries

What couch would you choose?