Design OBSESH.... Well Decorated Eateries!

This weekend marked the end of my two weekend full-out wedding BONANZA. Basically, I was a bridesmaid two weekends in a row. Yes, my friends are really nice.

For my friend Liz's Bridal Luncheon on Friday, we went to the well-renouned and recently redone Brennan's of Houston. They had a fire during Hurricane Ike a couple years ago and I hadn't been back since. They have done an AWESOME job with the design. I was speechless. And it's pretty rare that I can't open my mouthpiece.

Take a Gander.

Pretty Awesome Isn't It?

We sat in this room....

images via Brennan's

I'm OBSESSED with the mirrored insets in the walls.

I thought it was my favorite room. And then my friend Linda came out of the bathroom and goes " Mackenzie, have you seen the restroom? It looks like something out of your blog." Yes Linda. Yes it does.

I love the gloss coral paint used on the moldings, doors, and vanity. The white tiles lend a sharp contrast to such a bright color. And the celadon and white wallpaper was raised velvet.

I've always been a fan of restaurant decor. I'm a believer that it can really make or break a great restaurant. Food is important, but ambiance is everything. Although it's closed now, I always loved the decor that Rachel Ashwell did for Jennifer Lopez's restaurant, Madre's in Pasadena, CA. I love the mix of French-Shabby Chic meets old world glamour. It's perfect.

On Sunday, Brian and I met up with the bride and groom and wedding party for an impromtu wedding brunch at one of my faves, Tiny Boxwoods. I LOVE their decor. It reminds me of the restaurant in It's Complicated. Very French and Very Southern California.

I want my kitchen and breakfast area to look like this. Really though, can you imagine anything better?