What I Want.....

I have a perpetual case of the " I wants.." They range to all things. A trip to Palm Springs, An apartment in New York, Sushi on a daily basis, a closet full of Louboutins, and most recently, a new purse. Brian is always teasing me, " Welcome to Mackenzie's World of her Many Purses..." but whatever, what does he know anyway. I haven't gotten a new purse in about a year, mainly because I haven't found anything that I'm that attached to. I was browsing this weekend and saw quite a few things that I like....

Tory Burch
Love the green color!

This is so 1960's Fabulous, I want to cry.

I'm in love with this Michael Kors. Fabulous color, great shape, awesome hardware. This could be a winner!

Halston Heritage
Doesn't count as a new purse, but I would love it for evening.

So So Chic.

Fendi.... A little pricey, but a girl can dream
(Did I mention that I LOOOOVEEE YOU BRIAN?!)

images via Nordstrom

Image via J.Crew

Love it. Doesn't it look vintage? Like your grandmother had it in the 60's!



Tory, Loves it.

Image via Tory Burch

The Neverfull
image via Louis Vuitton


And on another note, Congrats to my sweet friend, Miss Elizabeth Stinson who launched the website for her fashion line, Elizabeth Olliver yesterday.

Don't you LOVE the dress that she named after me?

Design Obsesh on Miss Liz to come later.