Design Decisions......The Cookery.

image via La Dolce Vita

The Cookery. Also known as a GLORIOUS kitchen. I'm probably so obsessed with the thought of a new kitchen because I HATE (yes, hate.) my kitchen now. And also, I cook pretty much every night in this miserableness.

Here is what it looks like currently. Feel free to weep for me. Basically, since our current house is one of Brian's rental properties, he didn't want to "over-improve" since after we move out it will be inhabited by one of his tenants...... WHATEVER.

Here's the funniest thing. I've put SO much thought into a kitchen that I know EXACTLY what I want. Seriously. In fact, I even drew Brian a "model" of our future kitchen. I think he was a tad weirded out by my planning.

I want a U-shaped Kitchen with a center island. I want "Windowed"-Cabinets on both sides of the U-Shape with Antiqued-Mirrored glass instead of windows and open shelving in the center flanking the stove. I want a Wolf-Style Stainless Range with a Chrome Vent-Hood. The Cabinets would be painted gloss black. I want black concrete countertops and a carrera marble-subway tile backsplash. To balance all the black I want to craft an "industrial-chic" kitchen island by putting a farm-house table on casters and topping it with carrera marble. I also want a white farmhouse sink with a fancy silver faucet.

Here is some of what I'm thinkin'.....

images via La Dolce Vita

Jenna Lyon's Kitchen via Domino

And some other kitchens I love.

Brooke Gianetti's Kitchen of Velvet & Linen via La Dolce Vita

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Now, Since the kitchen will be darker with the black cabinets and black concrete counter-tops, I will need to add some elements of lightness and color.

I would love to have some vintage industrial shelving filled with nothing but white accessories, ie: platters, china, coral, shells, candles, etc. These would work perfectly.

This is the same idea, but I love how they painted the metal shelves a Tiffany Blue!

I would also like to have a pretty mixer like this. LOVE the red. Martha Stewart also makes a pretty Tiffany blue version.

Some Antiquey-inspired display pieces would work well two. I am OBSESSED with this mercury glass cake stand. It can be ordered from (MOM AND BRIAN.... PAY ATTENTION.... Christmas is coming....)

What kind of kitchen do you want?