Sixties Sunday......Fall Fashion!

image via Real Simple

I was standing in line at Target this afternoon for our weekly Sunday Shop-a-thon. During my five minute wait at the check-out counter I happily flipped through the September issue of Real Simple. The article that caught my eye was a Fall Fashion spread, featuring mostly 1950's-1960's inspired looks. Yes, yes, I was smitten with 99.9% of it. OBVIOUSLY.

So, while Brian did the dishes tonight, I put together my very own 60's inspired fall outfit.
Jacket is Stella McCartney via Net-A-Porter
Dress is DKNY.
Image via Real Simple
Chanel Bag......FABULOUS.
Heels are Paris Hilton From Macy's

Gloves from Coach
Birdcage from Etsy via

It's VERY Joan from Mad Men dontchathink?

photo via

Speaking of Mad Men... Loving how they're moving to more modern 60's decor now that they are Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Did anyone notice the tulip table in Sterling's new office? LOVES.