CHAIRiots of Fire....

Kelly Wearstler via

There are probably three things I need absolutely NO more of. They would be, in no particular order, shoes, side tables, and CHAIRS.

However, addictions are called addictions for a reason. I LOVE Chairs. They can transform the chic and style quotient of a room in an instant.

A few of my recent faves....

Will someone please pay for my vacation here?

Recently, I purchased this chair at, wait for it, Salvation Army.

Yes, I shop there. Consignment shops like that are the perfect places to find chairs just begging to be recovered with one of these beauties.

Fabrics via

I'm not sure that I want to paint the chair, but I definitely want to keep the tufting. What I struggle with is whether to do a fun, flirty, modern fabric like some of these Schumacher Prints, or to do something more classic and timeless, like a charcoal grey or mocha linen. If I did that, I suppose I could get one of these Bengal Bazaar Pillows on Etsy via one of the great pillow shops, like Plum Cushion.

Before I sign off, I wanted to share this fab kitchen photo featuring the dazzling stylings of Miss Kelly Wearstler. I'm sure my design crush on Wearstler is no longer a secret by now and I just couldn't resist!