APOLOGIES.... For an absence of Design Fabulousness...

image from Real Simple via CreateGirl Blog

I have to apologize for my MIA behavior in the blogosphere, and I hope all (10!) of my readers will forgive. Basically, My life as of the last three weeks has consisted of about 6 things.

1. First, I caught a bought of the stomach flu. Yuck. Let's just say I'm glad Brian still wants to date me after the World War III experience he witnessed in my bathroom.

image via designmom.com

2. Moving. Double-Yuck. I hate moving. However, I am now a delighted citizen of Fort Worth, and a co-habitator with a boy.

3. Christina's Bachelorette Party in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. SO much fun. Basically Champagne and Beach time for four days.

image via okmagazine.com

4. Bethanny Getting Married. I'm obsessed with this show. I REALLY hope it returns for another season. Bethanny, if you're out there, if Julie ever retires I will promptly move to NYC and be your assistant. I think we would get along like two peas in a fabulously decorated pod.

image via hpvillage.com

5. Went Wedding Dress Shopping with Kaitlin... and went to FABULOUS Warren Barron Bridal. OMG. This place is AMAZING. Feature on it to come later!

Image from Mad Men on AMC

6. Of course there's been some work in between all of this.....

image via britannica.com

And this week...... I'm going to Chicago with Mom. SO excited. I've never been, but I hear there's an abundance of home stores.

I promise to return soon!