Design OBSESSION- Lee Kleinhelter

I was "leafing" through the new issue on Lonny Magazine today and fell upon this double spread on Atlanta designer Lee Kleinhelter. The two spreads of her work show a her condo at the Sovereign and one that she designed as a model. Ok, I know this sounds crazy, but I swear this woman is reading my mind. I wish I could meet her and bring her to my new house so she could help me! Mainly, that in the show condo, I am LOVING the color scheme.

Now, Those of you who have been to my apartment understand that I clearly have a slight fear of color in my decor. I have been a wallflower until now with VERY muted colors and a very monochromatic palette. Well, fear not friends, I'm going to branch out. Ok, I'm going to try. I'm really loving the "griege" look with a touch of hot color. Read: Orange, Yellow, or Lavender. Really, are there any better colors in nature? Pink Maybe?

Loving these headboards upholstered in Tangerine Felt from

I loved her use of orange touches with a chocolate color anchor. I feel that it could appeal to a variety of different people, whether their taste is classic, trendy, or modern.

Next, you see her own condo at the Sovereign, which is FABULOUS. She made a good point that she wanted to keep the bedroom neutral. I couldn't agree more. I think the bedroom needs to be a very calming place.

Ok, More reading my mind. I am LOVING vintage chairs, painted white and upholstered in navy. Such a FAB color combo, since most people would expect black. I need some for the dining table, which as I've mentioned is a distressed wood farmhouse table. I know I'll end up with vintage one's and would really like to end up with either chippendale chairs, something french, or something Hollywood Regency inspired. Her Louis XVI chairs and a simple navy fabric are perfect and simple.

I've never been to Atlanta, but I hope to meet Mrs. Kleinhelter someday! We clearly have similar design philosophies!

All images courtesy of Lee Kleinhelter and Lonny Magazine