Fabulous Head Jewelry

I have long had an obsession with hair accessories....

First, the bows at age 5 (something Blair and I still reminisce about in pretty much every birthday card to this day) then the middle school scrunchie/accordion headband stage, and finally the early high school with the sparkly butterfly clips...(true story, please don't judge me.)

Since high school I've had a hard time adorning my hair with anything other than a bobby pin, mainly because I feel silly and childish in anything else.

Shows like Gossip Girl and Sex and the City have popularized fun, flirty hair accessories to make them look chic and mature. When we were in Italy, Callie and I saw great headbands all over the place. When Lauren and I were in NYC last September, I was FAWNING over all the gorgeous headbands at Henri Bendel. A few months ago, my absolute favorite wedding blog, Style Me Pretty, ran a blog on these FABULOUS bridal headbands by ban. do.

However, you don't need a sparkly hand anchor to wear one of these beauties! When Lauren and I host Miss Elizabeth's hat party this Sunday, I will be wearing one of my own! I got three of the most darling headband/hats at Forever 21 this evening. God bless cheap, trendy stores. Always there when you need them.

I'm planning to wear this beauty for a "Great Gatsby" themed wedding in L.A. in June.

This is my headdress for Jessica's wedding this weekend... worn with a pink dress.

This masterpiece is my "hat" for Liz's bridal shower.... SO EXCITED about it!