Love Affair in the BARN....

Ok, I'll be the first to say that Pottery Barn GETS ME right now. I swear, their creative director is spying on my home decor daydreams (yes, I have those.) They are SO french country right now. And not French country in that traditional yucky overly done, toile threw up all over it kind of way. But French Country in the way that you would ACTUALLY see in France. ( I'll give my diatribe later on how gross I think it is when things are "french-inspired" or italian/mediterranean esque and are really just an excuse for suburban housewives to throw up their gross taste all over you while edging in as much Stacey's furniture as possible)

Anyway, Potterybarn has this really simple classic air about it right now that I am LOVING. Bring it ON PB, I just can't get enough.

I love this pillow for two simple reasons. Cream/White & Stripes. Nothing looks better in a room. This screams simple. french.cottage.

I love these lamps, all of them. I wish I had a million tables, because I really can't decide which I like best. The tripod lamp is so nautical inspired and very masculine. I'm trying to convince Brian to get it for his living room. The clear base lamps are very popular right now and are running about $150 at PB right now, but I saw this other one at Target the other day for about $39 for the whole thing (including the shade.) I like them because they're so easy, versatile and you'll really never get sick of them. Also, they'll really look good with any shape.

The silverware is a mismatched set that is engraved and made in England. I know you're not supposed to have formal silver until you register for a wedding. I DO realize this (no pun intended). Brian thinks it's weird that it doesn't match. Well guess what? I don't care. The Emily Post's of the world and Brian can eat on their own, while I eat with my gorgeous mismatched PB silverware. So there.

I love love love these number pillows! So So Cute!

Last but not least, these benches would be PERFECT for Brian's living room. They're really masculine and french all at the same time(don't tell him I said that, Brian automatically associates french things with girly things..) and I'd like to imagine them in a Parisian man's apartment. Plus, since there is limited space... and therefore limited seating, these are the perfect solution in lieu of another armchair.