Vanity may be a Virtue....

One thing that I have always dreamed of having in my boudoir is a vanity table. I'd like a place to sit and do my makeup before a grueling day at work. I have seen some attractive vanity tables that have an attached mirror or at least a matching one. However, I think the more chic, and perhaps more "new" thing to do is use a desk as the table and use a mismatched mirror to give the look more contrast and elegance. While I am still into the "antique" thing, I am trying to stray from the whole overly shabby chiced appearance of white, chipped wood. I wouldn't mind something that looks polished and is white, perhaps paired with a carved painted wooden mirror for a more casual girly look, like this one from Another one from beach dwelling may be more sophisticated and would give the vanity area a sort of Parisian look. The polished wood would look nice with a gilded gold mirror hung above it and perhaps a vase full of huge white flowers. On either vanity a tray would be ideal, with little bottles of perfume. Since most attractive vanity tables don't have tons of storage for makeup and other toiletries, I would probably find some pretty baskets to put under the table or to the side to hold miscellaneous items.
More Later,
Mackenzie Page