Common Scents....

One thing I LOVE about home decor stores is their wonderful selection of candles. Often you can find my personal favorites, Tocca Candles. They come in large and travel size and are in clear votives with cream and Tiffany blue labels. Besides their aesthetically pleasing appearance, they smell amazing and permeate the room with their light and sweet smells. My favored smell of Tocca Candles is one of their newest scents, " Florence." Not only does it remind me of my times in Florence when I studied abroad last year, I truly think it is their best smelling candle. My friend Lindsay gave me the candle before I left for Italy and I burnt it the entire time I was there. Since the mind commits smells to memory, it brings back memories of the beautiful city that I called home for four months. These candles are a bit on the pricey side, at $38 apiece, but absolutely worth a try. I would also like to get four or five of their "travel size" candles and place them on the fireplace mantle or a freestanding shelf if I live somewhere without a fireplace.
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Mackenzie Page
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