Bed of Dreams

As I graduate from college this August, I will begin on a new playing field in my life which I'll call, "pretending to be an adult." With this will come a new set of responsibilities, a new job, and most exciting for me, a new home. Although I hate the physical act of moving, I am always happy to be in a new place and always eager to come up with a new decorating scheme. My house in college was ALL about the shabby chic. Rachel Ashwell herself would probably have salivated with pride and envy had she darkened our door. Now that my college experience is over, I feel the need to make my next home slightly more sophisticated. While I will never get over my love of antiques and cool, light colors I want to add a modern edge to my decorating style. A sort of Marie Antoinette meets Ava Gardner type glamour and something that the likes of greats like Celerie Kemble would beam with pride over. That being said, my first search commences for the perfect bedding. Something about diving into a bed that is completely white sounds so amazing to me. I will just have to be careful not to spill the glass of red wine that will be an omni-present after work staple. I have scoured sites like Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma Home, and Anthropologie and I now have several ideas flooding the left(albeit more creative) side of my brain. I think I would like to have a duvet and two giant euro shams that match and then find standard shams that are soft and simple and have them embroidered with my initials. There is a sumptuous looking duvet cover from Anthro has a regal feel, something that I think my idol, Antoinette and I would be able to agree on, of course minding the pink icing from the petit fours. it is gathered in diamond points will little gold fasteners and looks much like a floating cloud. It is appropriately called the " Crowned Crane Duvet". I also like the more modern edge of this duvet and shams from which features and clover-like pattern. The image shown is their version in chocolate brown, but obviously I would want the one that comes in white. This interesting detail would certainly add some character to an all white bed and would beautifully contrast the swirly writing of the initialing on my pillows. Of course whatever bedding I choose will have to be offset with some 600+ thread count sheets, which I will be purchasing on my "champagne taste, beer budget" at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Linens and Things.

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Peace - that was the other name for home. ~Kathleen Norris(taken from

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